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Factoring Services

Traditional Factoring

This can be an ideal resolution for companies that are expanding quickly, have got seasonal work, or maybe need extra cash flow to purchase inventory, make payroll or invest in advertising and marketing.

You will be able to create an immediate influx of cash dependent on the invoices currently on your books. The finance provider - or the �factor�-purchases all your accounts receivables and advances you 70% to 90% of the total amount within 24 to 48 hours. The factor pays you the remainder of what you�re owed once your client pays the factor- usually 30 to 45 days later. It deducts a small fee, based on the size and age of each invoice.

Spot Factoring

Small enterprise owners prefer for this kind of factoring when they do not want to factor all of their invoices. Generally, companies will need to spot factor when they don�t need a steady flow of cash or have varying gross margins where it does not make sense to factor.

Not like traditional factoring, where the company turns over all invoices, spot factoring is accessible on an as-needed or one-time basis. This flexibility comes at a premium, however often makes sense in case you have one client that is especially slow or if a steady flow of capital is not needed.

Export Factoring

Export factoring will work for businesses that would like to offer terms to international customers but nonetheless want to receive cash when the goods are delivered. The �factor,� or a finance company, purchases the receivables owed to you and forwards payment, usually 70% to 90%, once it has the receivables paperwork. The client pays the factor, not you, once it receives the goods. The factor deducts a small fee when it gets the balance on the invoice and returns the rest of the money to you.

This remedy speeds up the transaction for exporting products dramatically. Additionally, it gives small and medium-sized companies a smart way to use outsourcing for overseas credit checking and debt chasing liabilities. Since everything is carried out locally, it eliminates other potential administration costs and difficulties associated with overseas financial deals.

Recourse Factoring

This type of factoring works best when you're doing business with monetarily healthy clients. Its comparable to Traditional Factoring except for you agree to buy back the invoice of any client that declines or is not able to pay (due to bankruptcy).

Or even, you choose to exchange it with another invoice of equal or greater value. In exchange, the recourse factor offers a lower fee due to the fact it takes on less risk.

Non-Recourse Factoring

Using Non-Recourse factoring the risk of bankruptcy and non-payment is shifted to the Factor. The Factor cannot come back to you for payment if the customer goes bankrupt. The factor is not expected to cover invoices that are disputed. This form of finance is appropriate when minimal risk is preferred over lower fees.

Freight Bill Factoring

This method of finance turns your freight bills into cash. Instead of waiting for payment, transportation companies forward their invoices to a factor that, in return, advances funds to your trucking company.

Factoring is broadly used in the transportation industry so you can find many competitive alternatives for you to consider. For instance, some factors will forward a large proportion of cash up front for a larger fee and then keep the leftover amount of the invoice. Others will advance a relatively small amount of cash up front, and then pay the remainder, after deducting only a small fee once the factor collects on the total invoice. NeeBo Capital will look at your individual business needs and recommend a factor that best suits your situation.

Construction Factoring

Construction finance gives sub-contractors and general contractors accessibility to quick cash from your invoices so it is possible to get the funds you will need to start your next project. The factoring company buys construction invoices and advances a percentage-often within 24 hours-then gathers the funds and forwards the remainder of the invoice to you, less a factoring fee.

Few factoring companies work with the construction industry, but at NeeBo Capital we have direct lines into those that do. We will help you find the financial partner that will provide the best solution for your company�s particular situation.

Government Receivables Factoring

Winning a government contract can be an exciting moment for any company, however these kinds of accounts don�t usually pay promptly, which may limit your capacity to take on new orders or fulfill new contracts. Government Receivables Factoring provides cash, usually within just 24 hours of submitting your government invoices to a factor.

This remedy works for any business struggling from cash flow shortages due to slow-paying government bodies.

Medical Services Factoring

Medical Services Factoring fills up the cash gap inherit in working with third-party payers, just like an insurance company, Medicare or Medicaid. It gives you quick access to money to pay bills, payroll, and buy equipment.

Using this form of finance, you perform a service and send the invoice to the factor. The factor then forwards a percentage of the invoice to you. After the factor collects the invoice from the debtor, you get the remaining amount on the invoice, less a factoring fee.