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Meeting staffing payroll during growth can be a challenge. NeeBo Capital can help you grow your company with unlimited payroll funding , whether you're a start up or a multi-million dollar operation. Call us now and get initial funding in 3 to 5 working days.

Simple Process:                         30 day Rates As Low As .59%

  • 1. A two page application.

  • 2. An accounts receivable aging report.

  • 3. A customer list with credit limit request.

  • 4. Copy of articles of Incorporation or DBA filing.

  • 5. Rate confirmation agreement.

  • 6. Invoices to factor.

  • No financials - No monthly minimums

  • No invoice minimums - No hidden fees

  • No facility fees - No audits - No up-front fees

  • Set up account in 3 to 5 working days

  • Easy to understand financing fees

  • Invoices funded within 24hrs

Why do Staffing firms benefit with us?

• The use of back-office support for collections and mailing out your invoices sometimes offset the financing fees or decrease internal overhead related cost.

• Free Reports and statements of your account status via internet

• Free credit analysis and collection assistance to prevent bad debt

• Optional full service available with payroll and tax services.

• Companies balance seasonal or uneven sales patterns

• Fix cash flow shortages due to a slow turnovers

Be sure to ask about:

• Billing & Payroll - NeeBo can format invoices to your specifications to include only your company name, Prepare and filing of federal, state and local employee and employer taxes, 941's, W-2 's, W-3's and FUTA reports, Complete weekly sales and payroll management information. Reports track hours and mark-ups, detailed payroll information of employees, and client usage, and create customer reports available at no additional charge.

• Accounting Services - NeeBo can file quarterly and annual payroll tax returns and reports, have tax payments made accurately and on-time, Complete monthly financial statements including: balance sheet, income statement, bank account reconciliation, and set-up financial analysis and consultations with our Financial Team to help you make important financial decisions that affect your business.

• Cash Management - NeeBo can manage; maintenance of accounts receivables, Accounts Payable, Commission Reporting, Daily cash application, Gross Profit and Weekly Activity Payment Report, Workers Compensation maintenance and payment, Workers Comp audit preparation.

• Service Desk - Additional services include; Telephone coverage from 9:00am.-6:00pm, Checks within 2 hours, Reissue of W2's, Generate payroll and billing history reports immediately, Place stop payment on checks, Provide payroll check figures, Immediate explanation of questions on Funding For Growth’s reports, Update the payment status of an invoice, Research any other questions or concerns you may have.

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