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Industries We Factor

Real Case Studies

A Good Yarn...
International Trade/ PO Funding

A North Carolina exporter of yarns and textiles was one of our first export deals � our thanks remain with the Business Development Officer for the deal, which required some �hand holding� right from the start.

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We Are Family!

On March 25, 2009, we received a lien notice for this client in an amount exceeding $30,000.00. Immediately upon receipt of this notice,

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A Bakers Dozen
General Factoring

The bakery hadn�t been keeping very good track of their AR (to say the least!). We immediately inherited half a ledger over 90 days old, with less than stellar records of collections.

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"On the Road Again"

John, owner of �Limousine Co.�, Inc., came to us in 2006 with the dream of paying off his outstanding debt and growing his business to become a profitable and competitive limousine company.

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Top of the Line� Service
�Growing� Logistics Co.

In late 2007 the directors of �Top� Logistics Co. were pleased with how their business was growing. Founded in 2003 and run by two brothers.

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Pros and Cons of Factoring
Free E-Book

This e-book was written by our vice president to give fellow business owners information on the growing financial strategy called factoring. Enjoy!

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