factoring broker NeeBo Capital offers a Generous commission. Our brokers get commision payments monthly creating reccurring revenue.

factoring bokers referral program


NeeBo Capital has become a great outsource for bankers that want to help their clients establish a receivable finance program while still maintaining a close relationship. We have experience with workouts, tax lien subordinations and inter-creditor agreements with banks. Please fill out the form to the right. An account representative will call you to discuss and answer any questions you may have about our funding programs.

  • « Neebo Capital is not a competitor. You retain the depository relationship.

  • « Neebo Capital´┐Żs high quality service and competitive pricing results in easy referrals and grateful customers.

  • « When you refer clients to Neebo Capital you prevent credit decline.

  • « You maintain a favorable relationship and access to clients who may recover or achieve bankable status.

  • « Reliable and fast workout/troubled asset placement.

Factoring Brokers:

Timing is everything, follow-ups are key, brokers like to send their deals to NeeBo Capital because they know that NeeBo has a professional staff for making quick decisions and for treating their clients in the professional way that they demand.

Factoring lines from $5,000 to $9 million-No long term contracts required

The majority of deals get closed because we have a dedicated customer service staff. Take advantage of NeeBo Capital's referral program today. Fill out the form and request the application.

How To Get Started

  • Step 1. Fill out Form
  • Step 2. We email you referral agreement
  • Step 3. You submit Leads
  • Step 4. We report to you each week on status of Deals
  • Step 5. Cash is deposited into your account monthly


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