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Purchase Order Finance

($50,000- $20,000,000)

Purchase Order Finance is short term financial solution used to finance the purchase or manufacture of specific goods that have been pre-sold by the client to its credit worthy end customer. Our team helps our clients preserve cash flow and help them finance their purchase orders rather than selling equity or wiring funds overseas.

Why Us?

  • + Can fund up to 100% of your purchase order for pre-sold goods; international or domestic

  • + Will issue an irrevocable letter of credit from an A+ rated bank to your suppliers within a few days of application

  • + Create revenue growth without adding more debt or taking on equity partners

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Our clients find themselves in one of three situations:

  • 1. Seasonal sales spikes or growth spurts put a sudden strain on cash flow.

  • 2. Sales growth is outpacing available working capital or bank credit lines.

  • 3. Working capital must be preserved for other mission critical operations such as R&D, manufacturing, capital equipment or marketing.

P.O Financing considered:                 Project Funding:

  • � Direct shipment/Drop ship orders.

  • � Retail and Apparel

  • � Service Contracts

  • � Government Contracts

  • � Wholesale distributors/ importers and exporters

  • � Industrial and Manufacturing

  • � Project-specific Labor

  • � Components and Sub-Assemblies

  • � Finished Goods

  • � Letters of Credit, Letters of Guarantee

  • � Shipping, Direct Manufacturing

  • � Capital equipment, Overhead

Our areas of expertise include production finance for work in process and Letters of Credit for trade finance, including import and export transactions as well as domestic trade purchases. We can work in conjunction with factoring or accounts receivable financing sources to provide a complete business solution to turn purchase orders into receivables!

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