Oilfield Factoring- Rates under 1%

We finance service providers, including:

  • � Ditch Digging and Swabbing

  • � Roustabouts

  • � Drilling or Plugging

  • � Wireline Services

  • � Casing Crew and Surfacing Crew

  • � Frac Sand Haulers

  • � Oil Spill Cleanup and Water Haulers

  • � Hot Oil, Hot Shots, Tubing and Slickline-fishing

  • � Oilfield Logging and Perforating

  • � Rig Transportation and Rentals

  • � Gravel Haulers and Vacuum Trucks

  • � And More...
Oilfield Factoring

Benefits of oilfield factoring

An immediate benefit of Oil and Gas factoring is having access to immediate cash, typically within 24 hours. Most of our clients benefit from invoice factoring to employ more oilfield crew, rent or buy more oilfield equipment, get supplier discounts, take on more contracts, and take advantage of new growth opportunities.

Oilfield factoring in addition enables them to increase their credit rating while minimizing credit risk and collection costs. By taking advantage of our flexible factoring invoices services, your Oil and Gas company generates immediate working capital to enhance rapid growth and fund new ventures, without incurring any DEBT!

Why Choose Us?

Oilfield Factoring Rates at 1.5% - 2% for 30 days

(No financials needed - No monthly minimums - Flexible terms - $5k to $10 Million.... )
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