Food & Beverage working capital lines ($50,000- $10,000,000)

Food and Beverage working capital lines We help food and beverage companies capitalize on opportunities and meet challenges. From commodity price volatility to private label competition. We structure your financing to optimize liquidity and help improve your cash flow.

Industry Specialization

  • -Food Distribution
  • -Food Manufacturing
  • -Food Retailing
  • -Food Processing
  • -Agribusiness New

Major trends are shaping the food & beverage industry today:

As value-conscious consumers attempt to stretch their dollar in the challenging environment, retailers are benefiting as global private label sales continue to strengthen. Private label product quality has improved significantly over the years, making private label an increasingly effective alternative to branded products.

In an effort to offset private label gains, branded manufacturers have increased their promotional and in-store activity to lure back price conscious consumers.

Consumer preference for health and wellness focused products is increasing in response to the rise of obesity and weight related diseases. This is driving brand innovation and line extensions as manufacturers look to capitalize on consumers desire for products marketed with �green�, �sustainability�, and �health/wellness� connotations.

Green shoppers are a great consumer target, representing a high value segment who buy more products on each trip, visit the store more regularly, and demonstrate more brand and retailer loyalty in their purchasing behavior.

Contact us and see why our food and beverage customers trust us as their investment banker when they need working capital.

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