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Other Lending Options

Unsecured Business Loans

Business Loans from $100,000 to $500,000

This unsecured business loan program is based on the amount of montlhy sales made by your business. There is no need to process a credit card to receive the advance. Businesses have a predetermined amount taken from each month's sales in order to repay the loan and they have the potential of getting as much as $1,000,000 in unsecured loan, which is higher than a traditional unsecured bank line would allow.

merchant cash advance

SBA Loans

Small Business Administration Loans are backed by the SBA and issued by various financial institutions throughout the U.S. You could use the loan exclusively for the acquisition or expansion of an owner-occupied business. Several programs are designed to cover a variety of business needs.

SBA loans - Small Business Administration Loans

Merchant Cash Advance

Merchant Cash Advance or Business Cash Advance is ideal for business owners who have got trouble securing traditional business loans or will need funding for a special venture. They are good for a range of businesses including restaurants seeking to expand or medical practices aiming to buy new equipment..

Repayment is a portion of income so the loan is paid back as the company grows. Merchant Cash Advance also referred to as �credit card factoring� advances cash to any small to medium-sized business so you can expand your business and meet your obligations on time

merchant cash advance

Equipment Leasing

Business Equipment Leasing finances your businesses equipment, software, or furnishings needs. It has numerous benefits in comparison to purchasing these items.

Leasing typically is easily approved and doesn't require additional collateral or a down payment. It is frequently used for medical, construction or restaurant equipment leasing. Companies simply lease the equipment they need. Lines of credit are also left open when leasing, which means that money can be used for other expenses that are critical to your success.

equipment loans

Franchise Financing

We offer financial alternatives for purchasing a franchise that will be faster than traditional lenders and are available to those that may have experienced bumps in the road with their personal finances.

Payables Restructuring

This can be a solution for companies that are struggling to pay their bills. Payables Restructuring is generally used to prevent bankruptcy and to free up more working capital so you can get your business growing again.

payables restructuring


Many companies turn to collection agencies if they don�t have the time, resources or expertise to chase down what�s owed them. Selecting the wrong one can burn bridges with client relationships and still leave you with a pile of unpaid invoices. Instead, let NeeBo Capital refer one that�s reputable and suits your business� particular needs.

collection services

Credit Insurance

Credit Insurance reduces your company�s risk whenever selling to others on credit terms - particularly if you have only a few large customers. The insurer pays a percentage of an invoice should it remain unpaid as a result of default, insolvency or bankruptcy. By doing this you protect yourself from going out of business if one of your clients does.

account receivable credit insurance

Merchant Card Services

This allows businesses to accept payments by debit or credit cards. Let NeeBo Capital do the legwork and find the service provider that best meets your business� objectives.

merchant card services