How Factoring Can Help Maintain The Financial Stability Of A Medical Facilities Business

Medical Facilities factoring Operating a medical business is profitable all right. But it isn’t easy. Just the maintenance of a medical facility alone can deplete your coffers in a short time. That doesn’t even cover the payroll you have to be prompt in paying, as well as meeting the financial obligations that are necessary to operate medical facilities on a daily basis such as utilities, equipment, marketing, upgrades, and emergencies. The cash flow of any business is its lifeline. Diminishing its supply of funds will make the company falter, weaken, and eventually die.

Why You Should Consider Factoring

If you plan to put up a medical facility as a business, or already own one, and are currently in need of additional funding, consider factoring for a moment instead of taking out a loan from the bank or committing to a lending institution. Fluctuations that occur seasonally in either customers or sales or both create a cash flow problem for most companies.

For one thing, a factoring company will not subject you to a credit history or background investigation and will not consider the funds it advances you as a loan, unburdening you from incurring debts as a result of high interest rates. Below are some distinctive features of factoring which no bank or lending institution will ever give any borrower:

  • • Immediate release of funds between 24 and 48 hours.

  • • No accrued debts.

  • • Collection of payments is done by the factoring company.

  • • Unlimited capital that increases with the business revenue.
  • • No liability seen on the balance sheet.

  • • Prompt payment of payroll, taxes, utilities, and other payables.

  • • The only requirement for approval is creditworthiness of clients.

Sustaining Business Operations

NeeBo Capital is an excellent factoring company that can help your needs for additional funds in sustaining your business operations. NeeBo Capital can provide medical factoring services (and traditional, government, non-recourse, export, spot, freight, and recourse factoring) for your business to help it prosper and generate more revenue. NeeBo Capital has been in the forefront of providing cash flow funding and continues to serve numerous and diverse service industries such as food service, construction and installers, airfreight brokerage, jewelry shops, financial recruiting, agriculture and dairy, fitness equipment development, cable ads and marketing, and janitor services.

NeeBo Capital provides other services like asset-based lending (A/R, real estate, inventory, and equipment financing), trade financing of purchase order, production, commodities, supply chain, and contract, and forfeiting, and other lending options such as merchant cash advance, restructuring of payables, equipment leasing, merchant card services, franchise financing, and credit insurance. Whether you own a small lying-in clinic or a chain of medical facilities, NeeBo Capital can help your business become cash flow ready.

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