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Cell Tower Service factoring Cell technology business is obviously not in the least bit cheap. Just the construction of a cell tower can precipitate bankruptcy if you’re not careful in managing your business finances, not to mention that being a cell tower service provider is not a walk in the park either. Hypothetically-speaking, if your cell service company experiences some cash flow problems, would you consider engaging the assistance of a factoring company?

Factoring is Advantageous to Business

Discount factoring seems to be more common among cell tower installers, because the factoring company pays for the invoice receivables at a discount prior to single large jobs. Maturity factoring – paying the client at the time the factored accounts have matured at the same purchase price – is preferred by larger business such as cell technology mainly because this method is more practical for a business that requires high capitalization on a single project.

Factoring is advantageous to business since access to immediate cash is not likely if you go to a bank. Factoring doesn’t require the submission of a voluminous amount of document nor does it need the client to be in the black. Factoring companies place considerable importance not on the client they are purchasing the invoices from but on the creditworthiness of the client’s customers

Meeting Financial Obligations In An Easier Manner

Unlike banks that require collaterals before evaluating the loans that are attached to them, factoring companies are satisfied with the invoices as collaterals. Investing in a business like a cell tower service business will definitely entail a lot of money for high technology equipment, installation of cable wiring, and a host of other requirements that gave to be funded. When you run out of cash, factoring enables you to access funds without coming into a debt.

By using factoring, a business is able to have adequate finances to meet financial obligations such as purchase of new equipment and upgrading the older ones. Moreover, factoring allows a company to continue expanding its business, pursue marketing strategies, hire new personnel, and develop new products or services without turning the company into a pauper in three days.

Go for Spot Factoring

If your business is high stakes and your product or service is the high end kind, don’t wait until your cash flow is weakened repeatedly by insufficiency or altogether lack of funds. This is the time to engage the services of a factoring company. But not just any factoring company, it has to be NeeBo Capital, an established and reputable company that guarantees your satisfaction by the way they conduct business: honest, professional, and with genuine concern for the companies they serve.

If you’re planning to go into the cell tower service business or are already into this line of business, NeeBo Capital services are currently utilized by a wide range of industries and individuals: contractors and installers, manufacturers, contractors, sub-contractors (construction), wholesalers, importers, and distribution. What’s more, NeeBo Capital has several lending options for all kinds of business including: the Small Business Administration (SBA) loan, the Merchant Cash Advance, Business Equipment Leasing, Franchise financing, restructuring of payables, and business loans between $100,000 and $500,000.

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