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Cable Ads and Marketing factoring companies A company’s cash flow should always be liquid. The cash flow is the lifeblood of any business that needs to have sufficient funds for purposes of payroll, purchase of supplies, upgrade of equipment, representation to clients, and other similar activities which are all part of the daily operations of businesses like cable ads and marketing companies. A cash flow which is restricted because of lack or insufficiency of funds creates problems for a company that incurs expenses everyday in order to operate.

Invoice factoring has been gaining ground as a favorable tool to solve such a predicament. With the simplicity of its procedure, invoice factoring is enabling more and more companies to continue their operations each day with an adequate supply of funding from an improved cash flow. Customers who pay after the customary 30, 60 or even 90 days even upon immediate issuance of an invoice are no longer the obstacles to running a smooth business operation.

How Factoring Works and How A Company Qualifies for It

Because of the way factoring works, the company’s cash flow is streamlined and speeds up revenue generation which might otherwise by tied up in slow-moving accounts receivables. The factoring company issues an immediate and upfront payment of between 70% and 85% for your invoices, which also act as collateral. Factoring companies are comfortable working with cash strapped companies because their criteria for transaction with them doesn’t include the company’s financial condition but rather the creditworthiness of the company’s clients.

Here are some relatively lenient requirements for a cable ads and marketing company to comply with should it consider factoring:

  • • The company’s invoices must be totally free from encumbrances and/or liens.

  • • Customers of the company should be in good standing with commercial credit.

  • • The company must not have tax or legal problems.

  • • Invoices must be for products that are considered sold and/or services which have been rendered and/or projects that have been completed.

The Added-Value Benefits of Factoring:

  • • With invoice factoring, you can meet your financial obligations as a cable ad and marketing business without having assets of high value as collateral. The factoring company pays you upfront, no questions asked.

  • • Unlike a bank loan or overdraft, invoice factoring can advance you as much as up to quadruple the amount of cash you could get from the bank, without the voluminous paperwork and laborious time needed to fill it out, and grow your business turnover simultaneously.

Engaging the services of a factoring company doesn’t mean selecting a so-so company that does a ho-hum job of helping your business. It has to be a reputable, dependable, professional, and trustworthy company like NeeBo Capital. With NeeBo Capital, you get more than factoring services; you are provided with other service options such as Purchase Order factoring, Asset-based Lines, and Equipment Leasing. For a cable ads and marketing business, for instance, Equipment Leasing may offer the business solution you are looking for.

You competitors factor their accounts receivable why not take advantage of factoring with a company who will offer you a lower rate, usually around .59% to 1.39%. Take advantage of low factoring rates in the Cable Ads and Marketing industry Today!!

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Rates at 0.59% - 1.5% for 30 days

(No financials needed - No monthly minimums - Flexible terms - $5k to $10 Million.... )
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