Accounts Receivable Financing & Factoring Loans

Accounts Receivable Financing Accounts receivable is money which is owed to a company by a customer for products and services provided on credit. NeeBo Capital realizes many companies deal with Accounts receivable so we offer a product called accounts receivable factoring.This is often treated as a current asset on a balance sheet. A specific sale is generally only treated as an account receivable after the customer is sent an invoice.

NeeBo Capital features a assortment of business loans. We focus in invoice factoring programs for nearly any type of business you have. When you bill other firms for your merchandise, we now have factoring programs to suit your needs!

You'll find many types of loans readily available. NeeBo can buy your invoices, your accounts receivables. You can get your money immediately. We could even help you if you have tax liens or are in Chapter 11.

NeeBo can purchase your invoices, your accounts receivables. You get your money quickly!

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