Spend More Effort Focusing on Your Business

Leave the task of collecting payments to us; we have been doing this for a while. With letting us run around and collect your money you have more time to focus on what is important, your businesses growth! You will get fast cash for factoring your invoices, and the best part is we take on all of the risk involved with collecting the invoice.

We send a letter to your customers letting them know we are now handling your accounts. This makes your business appear ever more professional. Any customers you speak with you notify them that their account has been assigned to NeeBo Capital, and that NeeBo may contact them regarding your invoices from time to time (so we can fund you faster!).

Our application process is simple, we submit a proposal stating how we can help you, if you do not like the proposal it is okay, and there is no obligation by applying. We review your financial free of charge. The time our clients save by leaving their financials to us has helped them grow their business extremely fast. Think what you could do with more time to spend focused on your operations and not on invoices.

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