Unsecured Business Loans & Factoring Loans

An unsecured business loan is a loan granted on the strength of the businesses’ credit history, earnings potential, reputation in the community, or other assets owned rather than a pledge of assets as Collateral. Assignment of collateral, as in a Mortgage is not required. The borrower signs a Promissory Note stating the terms and conditions under which the loan will be repaid.

NeeBo Capital has got a vast array of small business loans. We specialise in invoice factoring packages for pretty much any type of company you have. In the event you bill other businesses for your goods and services, we certainly have factoring packages suitable for you!

There are many types of loans readily available. NeeBo can acquire your invoices, your accounts receivables. You can get your money immediately. We can even help you if you have tax liens or are in Chapter 11.

NeeBo should purchase your invoices, your accounts receivables. You receive your money right away!

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