Line of Credit & Factoring Loans

A line of credit loan is a assurance from a lender to make available to a business a certain amount of credit. A business credit card is a good example of the way a revolving line of credit loan works. As each purchase or advance is made by the business, the amount is debited from the amount available. As itís repaid that amount becomes available again.

NeeBo Capital has got a vast array of business loans. We are skilled in invoice factoring options for more or less any type of enterprise you have. In case you bill other firms for your goods and services, now we have factoring programs to help you!

There are many types of loans out there. NeeBo can buy your invoices, your accounts receivables. You will get your money straight away. We could even help you if you have tax liens or are in Chapter 11.

NeeBo can purchase your invoices, your accounts receivables. You get your money quickly!

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