Approval Based on Customers

Cash approval is based on the financial strength of your customers, not you or your business personally. Your business could have a poor credit score or even a terrible FICO score, however this is not what we consider when giving you money. Many of our clients have been turned down by banks and lending institutions because they have poor credit of they are facing hard financial conditions.

At NeeBo Capital we take businesses that need cash for their outstanding receivables now. Regardless of your industry or your situations we give loans based on the background of your customers. Our clients are happy to save their business from filing for bankruptcy or even closing its doors.

Another point to consider is your personal financial history: applying for cash for your business at a number of banks can have a negative effect on your credit worthiness. At NeeBo Capital your application is discreet, we keep all information confidential whether we can help you or not.

Cash flow problems often occur at the beginning stages of business growth. Cash flow especially becomes a problem in industries where it�s typical for completed work to go unpaid for 30, 60, or even 90 days after issuing the invoice. Thus, when growing companies start going through growth pains, they first try to apply for small business loans. After getting denied they realize factoring is smooth and easy, and it also saved them more money!

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