Find Out Why Invoice Factoring May Just Be The New Best Friend of Aviation Brokers

Aviation  Brokers factoring company Factoring is fast becoming a popular financial management option for several industries, including that of aviation brokers, because of the convenient and practical form it takes as a cash flow management solution. The idea is simple enough: available cash when it is badly needed. In the aviation brokerage business, a restricted cash flow can impede transactions.

When this happens, there are lost opportunities that cascade to reduced productivity and, subsequently, a decrease in business revenue. When a business has more slow-paying customers than fast ones, so many accounts receivables bog down the cash flow, tying it down with no funds to support the purchase of new supplies and equipment, payroll obligations, and marketing efforts to expand the business.

Looking for Flexible Factoring Companies

A business engaged in factoring is assured that the company’s cash flow has sufficient money to finance the requirements of daily operations as well as meet upcoming payables. The factoring company purchases the company’s invoices, pays the company a percentage of the invoices immediately, and then collects the payments from the company’s customers. This is possible because the factoring company’s primary concern is not the financial situation of the business but the creditworthiness of the business’ customers.

If these customers have impeccable paying capabilities, then the business more than survives any financial crisis involving cash flow management; the business, in fact, gains “points” for having responsible customers who meet their financial obligations on time. The flexibility of factoring companies enable individuals such as aviation brokers to have a customized scheme that has easy terms, no long-term contracts or set-up fees.

Choose a Factoring Company with Expanded Services

Beware, success as an aviation broker is really dependent on the kind of factoring company that you choose. While the criteria on which most factoring companies operate are typically the same – the business’ target market, creditworthiness rating of the business’ customers, timely payment of receivables, and monthly volume of invoices – the “right” factoring can help you even more with other services such as consultation, trade financing, asset-based lending, and other lending options such as payables restructuring, credit insurance, franchise financing, equipment leasing, merchant cash advance, and merchant card services. NeeBo Capital is exactly that kind of factoring company. Beyond Invoice Factoring Services

Servicing over 50 industries, including that of aviation brokers, NeeBo Capital has professional expertise in different types of factoring: spot, medical, recourse, traditional, export, government, non-recourse, and freight. NeeBo Capital’s takes it clients beyond invoice factoring services. NeeBo Capital provides:

  • • Forfaiting for exporters to protect their interests from commercial and political risks.

  • • Purchase Order to generate working capital for finished goods and services for the purchase orders of your customers.

  • • Production Financing for the creation of a cash flow that enables your company to purchase the necessary raw materials to complete production of your goods for release to the consumer market.

  • • Supply Chain Financing to facilitate the buying and/or selling of your business partners with lower end costs in the production, handling, and distribution of goods and/or services to other countries.

  • • Commodities Financing to enable a business to purchase certain commodities with insufficient working capital to purchase these from suppliers.

  • • Contract Financing assists a business that has commercial, construction, and government contracts to advance working capital to fulfill orders and finish projects.

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